Watchit Too by Percy ChatteyMy latest thriller: “Watchit Too” has arrived from the publishers this week (in paperback). The cover looks stunning! I am grateful to Derek Cook, my cover designer for his work. This time he went with the lady again that appears on the front of  the prequel ‘Watchit’ however he changed the colour of her dress from a bright red to a gold/green (I don’t think she minded) anyway it suits her a lot better and the background gives an in-depth feel to it. No doubt with my new novel “The Main Course” Derek will come up with a dazzling eye-catching envelope to help demonstrate my work.

Here is a quick trailer for the book…

ISBN-10: 1505431786 / ISBN-13: 978-1505431780
THRILLER, 2015 (274 pages)

Watchit Too! It has always fascinated me when two people see each other for the first time they immediately know they are going to be close friends. And yet, it also works the other way, when two strangers can take an immediate dislike to one another and be instant enemies. How this chemistry in all of us comes about I do not know.

However, what happens when a new relationship conflicts with the old? What happens when a bad attitude turns to irrational behaviour?

This is a story about such events: the beauty of a loving but illicit relationship; the hate generated by jealousy and the flippant viewpoint of an escapee. All these perceptions come together to make a stunning and thrilling story.

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