Pool AreaWe are very proud of what we have achieved at Casa FuenteLargo, in the Hondon Valley, a recognised holiday home by the Valencia Government.
We have families that come year after year – the present guests have been regular holiday visitors every July for the last seven years and the couple which left us last weekend similarly for six years.
Without getting boring about it, Joe who arrives in two weeks will be the third time he has been here in the last fifteen months. We have a firm booking for next July by a family which visits us regularly – twice in the past ten months. They come for the peace and quiet – the use of their own private pool and a well-equipped house with every facility you’d need on holiday. But most of all: no other guests to spoil their holiday … there is no need to put a towel over the chairs by the pool you can use which ever one you want!
Most of all there are no extra costs:  what we quote you is what you pay, no hidden charges.
SPECIAL EARLY BOOKING OFFER: As a special offer any confirmed booking and deposit paid for next year before the end of October, then we will send FREE of charge my three award winning novels – please go to www.percychatteybooks.com for books details.
Where-ever you go on holiday then have fun however remember there is always a big welcome at www.casafuentelargo.com