‘Watchit Too’: My latest novel arrived from the publishers this week. The cover of which looks stunning! I am grateful to Derek form Digital Idiom Web Design for his book cover work. This time we went with the lady again that appears on the front of the prequel ‘Watchit’, however he changed the colour of her dress from a bright red to a gold/green (I don’t think she minded). Anyway it suits her a lot better and the background gives the book cover an in-depth feel to it. No doubt with my new novel “The Main Course” Derek will come up with another dazzling eye-catching envelope to help demonstrate my work.

By now most people will know we live in a beautiful part of Spain on a mountainside looking down the Hondon Valley. We have the perfect Health Service with regular care for us old ones in the village and an A & E which is uncluttered effective and efficient. Everything is free although a small charge for drugs – 10% of their value. It is open to everyone providing you have a Health Card so there are no free loaders. Without the card then one is asked for a Credit Card. The point I am making, why is it wrong to charge people if they do not belong to the system? Put it another way if the sweet shop on the corner stopped charging for its produce there would be a line down the road, and round the corner of people wanting the freebies, and some would not even eat sweets! Whilst the A&E in the U.K. is free to anyone that turns up at the door then it will never be able to cope with the influx.

Oh! By the way I am old enough to remember when the Health Service was first formed in 1948, it did charge in certain cases for emergency treatment especially people who were involved in road accident their insurer was invoiced for services.