Haircuts: I am not certain why people go on about haircuts?!? My wife and I were in the local village Hondon de los Frailes the other day when we were approached by a friend who said he was on the way to get his hair cut. I said something like it is not my best subject. You spend months growing it and someone cuts it off in a few minutes. Anyway I think it is the method in which people communicate without talking and I am sure my darling wife reads my mind because I have long hair!

Winter Fuel: Talking about cuts I understand the British Government wants to deprive us of our fuel allowance. Perhaps they have never been to the mountains in Spain, (where we live), just over one hundred miles away there are the ski slopes around Granada where the mountains there have snow on them permanently. At this time of the year it is not unusual for us to have frost in the morning and I have also known for the pool to have ice on it! Now okay it is not as bad as the winters in the U.K. but then again we have to spend a fortune on air conditioning during the summer to keep cool and that is not counting the cost of the beer! I rest my case :-). I think we pensioners are entitled to something we lobbed into the kitty for during our working lives and I am told in Greece the temperature gets down to minus five during the winter because of the snow on the Dolomite’s.

My Books: It is always nice when someone comes up to me and says they enjoyed one of my books, it is even better if it is a complete stranger. However, whilst it is appreciated it is nothing like the thrill of getting a letter from a publisher, as happened this week. They requested the manuscripts of my last three novels, for consideration as a follow on to ‘Blitz & Pieces’ which should be published in hard back around May or June time. More about that later. My new novel which is about ten percent complete, at ten thousand words, now has a name ‘The Main Course’ it is a follow on for ‘Death for a Starter’ – a long way to go as yet but it should be ready for the summer.

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