Pool AreaSometimes one has to smile, if not laugh, while some experts go on about global warming when we have just had the coldest January in the fifteen years we have been in this beautiful part of Spain. We still have vivid memories of our family visiting, year after year in the first few months of the year and going back home with a tan, after lying in the sun by the pool.

Stronger Pound: But despite the recent cold winds we have had a nice warm feeling as the Pound rises against the Euro and our pensions improve because of the increase. Thankfully the local shops in the Hondon Valley villages do not take advantage of the Expats pension boost, they are just always ready to serve you in the old fashion way with a welcoming smile.

On the other hand we were shopping in a well known store in Torrevieja (on the coast), which serves the English community. We noticed most things had recently gone up in price, for instance the price of a popular make of baked beans from 0.75c to one Euro. Also the cheaper brands had been increased by a similar amount. I could not help wondering if they were taking advantage of the population’s feeling of being a little better off because of the rise in the English currency. Watchit Too by Percy ChatteyIt is also difficult to come to terms with the price, as the same item in the U.K. is about half the cost, it surely does not take that much to bring this food in the blue tin to Spain, does it?

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