A few days ago I had taken Meg, she is our little mongrel dog down the campo (fields) to the rear of our villa. The almond trees were in full blossom, a beautiful pink contrast with a perfect blue sky – a stunning sight in itself. I stopped for a while and there was not a sound – perfect silence. Then somewhere down in the valley I could see a tractor, doing what tractors do going up and down a piece of ground, however the noise it was making did not carry to where I stood. It occurred to me that is what the totally detached property of Casa FuenteLargo represents, peace and quiet, a place to relax with nothing or anyone to trouble our guests.

No doubt that is why we have visitors who lead a stressful life coming back time after time to recharge their batteries and leave us once more to go home totally refreshed. To complete the comfort of the Villa is the local village of Hondon de los Frailes nestling in the valley with its picturesque charm, small general stores and a variety of restaurants serving delightful food.

» There is further information on local events and vendors on Facebook What’s on Hondon.