The feeling of the Second World War came to the village (Hondon de los Frailes) last night.

Let me explain – in my novel Blitz & Pieces I describe what it was like to live through the terror of the Blitz in East London by the German Aircraft. I was six years old at the time and remember it clearly. In the evening we would sit around the coal fire in the living room (providing we had any fuel) when all of a sudden the air raid warning would sound and we would make our way to the shelter. The feeling would flood through you of not wanting the inconvenience of being interrupted and having to move from the comfort of where you want to be, however staying where you were was not an option.

Without being too dramatic a similar thing happened last night. Jean and I were in the village having a pleasant meal outside on a warm evening when the skies darkened and a flash of lightening flashed across the heavens, the roll of very loud thunder which followed, and seemingly immediately above us, brought conversation to a stop. The rain drops were large and instant and there was a hasty rush to get to the welcoming shelter inside the restaurant.

Why I likened it to all those years ago when the need to run and hide was very real, is because the feeling of comradeship of sheltering from a foe. People who had been sitting in their own environment talking within their group very quickly and unexpectedly having to scuttle for cover created the feeling of togetherness. When the worst was over although still raining heavily, we waded our way to the car which was up to its door sills in water – the car park had been dry when we had arrived and now in about forty minutes the storm had flooded the car park by about twelve inches of water.

The rain was very welcome breaking a drought which has extended for most of the year, this morning plants which were in the throes of dying have become refreshed. Everything is back to normal the sun is out although there are still some dark clouds hanging around.

Keep Smiling!!   love Percy.


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