The Hondon Valley is looking beautiful at this time of year with the spring flowers showing their heads and the fruit trees in blossom. At FuenteLargo it looks like we are going to have a very good year for fruit, plums – peaches – oranges all showing masses of flowers.

Whilst in the house we have been making changes by improving the kitchen installing more work space and cupboards with a slightly larger oven. The cooking facility in the courtyard is being replaced with a new stainless steel ‘Barbee’ which is on the way- it should have been here by now (but they keep trying to deliver it while we are out).

For our winter guests we have upgraded the heating system and installed a Pellet Fire. It works like a gas boiler totally controllable, one loads wood pellets in the top and it automatically feeds them to the burner, very efficient, warm and economical. Percy & Jean