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The Hondon Valley and its surrounding areas can offer plenty of outdoor events and activities. The locals create their own groups and entertainment such as walking groups, amateur dramatics, cycling, darts, pool, quizzes, patanca, line dancing, dining clubs, coach excursions and charity circles.

But the local bars also organise special meals, live music, fiesta parties, birthdays, celebrations, wine tasting and tapas tours. It is constantly changing and a lot is heard on the ‘hondon grapevine’ but the free English newspapers make announcements or have adverts too.

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During the summer expect to have breakfast, lunch and dinner ‘al-fresco’ while you take in the scenery, a fiesta or live music. You’ll find the locals do not even venture out until 9 pm when the sun is setting and the night air cools. Most fiesta finales start very late in the summer, 11pm and often festival fireworks are exhibited well after midnight … but that’s the beautiful manaña Spanish way!

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