Another group of very happy guests who have enjoyed the many facilities offered at have left us with the promise of coming back next year.

In the village it is fiesta time with last night a very colourful carnival type parade wandering through the village streets, and as on the previous night the live music – a band with singers started from the newly erected temporary stage and played into the early hours.

We are now getting the property ready for our next visitors who arrive shortly and are staying with us until the beginning of October. So far I have given away two sets – that is three books, of my award winning novels for people who have taken advantage of our offer to book their holiday before the end of October.

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The village is looking very attractive as always but even more so in this week when celebrations are taking place with the decorative street lights hanging across the roads, and with its fine restaurants and bars there is plenty of opportunity to eat in comfort or just sit and drink and watch the display and the activities of the events.